Hello! My name is Kristian Røste

About me

My name is Kristian. I thrive within Individual working environments. I am both an intelligent and a charismatic person. I have a vast and extensive knowledge and experience within ICT services. I have recently received an ICT service apprenticeship certificate to show for this. In my spare time, I thoroughly enjoy working on computers, and am particularly interested in programming and web design. Despite never having taken any courses in either programming or web design, I have self-taught myself over the years as a hobby, and it has grown into a passion for me, this possibly stems from having grown up with computers. Computers are without a doubt my greatest interest, and I built my first desktop computer when I was very young. Otherwise, I like to be social with friends and family.


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Curriculum Vitae

To make my CV easier to read, you can find it on cv.roste.org (only norwegian)
You will also find other interesting documents there.


The projects I'm working on/have worked on in the past, in random order.


My GitHub profile.


A webpage dedicated to my projects. They are all opensource and free to download.

OS Racing

A webpage based on dragracing. Client project.


A webpage surrounding a popular video game.

TG Bussen Trondheim

A webpage made for the bus that transports people to Hamar in the easter.

Min CV

A webpage solely dedicated to my CV. Simple but elegant.

Ketils telefonsøk

A webpage for norwegian services and their free phone number alternatives.


A random string generator and hasher.

Contact me

Any questions? Ask me then!